Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator T-800 Livesize Relief


This 1:1 life mask of Arnold Schwarzenegger with T-800 applications is an absolute collector’s rarity in an edition of 100 copies worldwide.
The 3D wall relief has a mounting plate made of steel as well as spacers and a U-profile for secure hanging.
Width: 20 centimeters. Height: 35 centimeters. Depth: 13.5 centimeters. Weight: 6.2 kg.

Price: basis for negotiation CHF 650.00

Life masks are facial impressions of people in plaster or similar material. They are also called life masks or original reliefs. In the development of the film productions in Hollywood one began in the already in the 20’s to manufacture such face prints from the actors. This allowed the make-up artists to test plastic changes to the face in peace and saved the actors hours of make-up sessions. The process of casting created a negative mold from which the faces were obtained for the makeup artists. The negative went into the studios’ archives after production.
This method of making facial impressions developed into a tradition in Hollywood that today gives us collectibles that are as unique as they are valuable.

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