Gregor Spörri: Biography

Gregor Spörri, born in Basel (CH) in 1955, founded Z-Productions after school, vocational training and military – a company for discotheque equipment, concepts and design, which he still operates to this day. More information in the menu at: Z-PRODUCTIONS

In 1988, Spörri travels to Egypt to collect ideas for a club facility in the style of the ancient pharaohs. But the businessman and adventurer has something else in common: he lets himself be locked up alone in the Great Pyramid for one night for an adventurous self-experiment and even climbs up the next morning. More information in the menu under Mystery Research.

The adventure brings him together in Bir Hooker with an old grave robber who seems to know more about the Giza pyramids than many an Egyptologist. At the end of the meeting, the Arab grants the Swiss a glimpse of his family treasure, which includes a gruesome relic. Spörri cannot believe his eyes, because the relic is the mummified finger of a human-like giant.

The images of the relic of Bir Hooker go around the world. Is this finger a proof of the existence of giants (Nephilim), as they appear in ancient myths, apocrypha and in the Bible? Were their producers the sons of heaven – the so-called fallen angels, as the ancient scriptures say? Is humanity about to return to these heavenly powers, as predicted by all great religions? Spörri can’t let go of the matter. The urge for research in him is awakened. More information in the menu at: Mystery Research.

Gregor Spörri’s research on the ancient gods, angels and giants inevitably leads him to the thesis of the Paleo-SETI or preastronautics and its most prominent representative: Erich von Däniken. With him he goes in Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras in search of the traces of the ancient gods. As a result, Spörri is also expanding his research towards manned spaceflight.

Gregor Spörri actually wants to publish his research results in a textbook. However, too many questions remain unanswered for a serious publication. The well-known dark art artist and alien creator H.R. Giger is fascinated by Spörtri’s ideas. He encourages him to process his theses and fantasies in a novel. Spörri takes on the challenge and writes the SF mystery thriller LOST GOD: The Last Judgment.