H.R. GIGER: Zodiac Taurus

H.R. Giger: Zodiac Taurus

This rare original lithograph from the zodiac series is one of the last paintings created by H.R. Giger.
Motif: Taurus / Limited Edition: No. 150 of 290 / Signed 1992
Five-colour zinc plate lithography on heavy, acid-free paper / size: 70 x 100 centimeters.
Price: Negotiable CHF 1’500.00

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H.R. Giger Art: Paintings
From 1966, Giger’s first paintings were made, most of them in oil. After the artist discovered the airbrush technique for himself in 1972, this soon became his preferred way of painting. In the following 20 years, around 600 paintings with ink and acrylic paints were created. In the early 1990s, Giger gave up painting to devote himself to sculpture art.

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