LOST GOD: About the book

THIS IS HOW THE STORY BEGINS A tube-shaped UFO appears outside the windows of the International Space Station. Emblazoned on its fuselage is a crescent-shaped mark. A well-known pre-astronautical researcher believes he knows the object from a millennia-old illustration and prophesies a shock to the gods for the world. An imam makes an equally disturbing statement, whereupon Islamist fanatics call for jihad.

Meanwhile, the U.S. makes preparations to bring the UFO satellite, which is now circling the Earth, to Earth with one of its old space shuttles. The crew includes the experienced commander Eileen Brooks, the daring Navy aviator Tom Taylor, the young science journalist Sally Brown, the lively mission specialist Carlos Navarro, as well as the secretive rocket engineer Gunther Wolf, who apparently knows more about the truck-sized mysterious object than he is willing to admit.

But no sooner is the space shuttle launched than events begin to tumble dramatically: the shuttle disappears from radar, powerful objects plunge into Earth’s atmosphere, world leaders and military leaders panic, and a young astronomer makes an outrageous discovery …

IMPORTANT TO KNOW LOST GOD is a (mystery) end-time thriller full of adventure, action and drama. The story deals with the biblical prophecy of the apocalypse, based on ancient lore, mythologies, the pre-astronautical thesis, as well as an eerie experience of the author in Egypt.

Before you buy: LOST GOD is not light fare. Some passages in the text may irritate people who believe in God. Protagonists, plots and settings change at a rapid pace. A wild ride around the globe and beyond …

GOOD TO KNOW 1) Pre-Astronautics (also Paleo-SETI) investigates a possible presence of extraterrestrials during human prehistory and antiquity in connection with the emergence of god myths. Interfaces are created between ancient studies, religious studies, and extrasolar spaceflight.

2) The story told in the present tense leaves open the possibility for a sequel.

The content of the edition, which has been updated several times, differs in some details from previous editions (1995 to 2021). The e-book has been additionally enriched with photos and illustrations.