LOST GOD: About the book

(English version is generated by machine translation)

LOST GOD is the unsparing chronicle of an apocalypse prophesied for thousands of years, caused by the return of the heavenly powers. The story is based on ancient god myths, the Paleo-SETI thesis, as well as an eerie experience of the author in Egypt.

A straightforward narrative style, plus reports and inserts with well-researched background knowledge, alternate at a rapid pace with numerous locations and protagonists around the world and beyond. Anyone who gets involved in the unconventional reality fiction story without kitsch and frosting will experience immediate and very close captivating adventures, tremendous action and some dramatic to drastic moments through the cinematic narrative style in the present tense.

This updated edition is based on the out-of-print title: The Lost God – Tag der Verdammnis (2012, published in German only).

And so LOST GOD begins: The Corona Pandemic is not quite over yet, when a mysterious object appears outside the windows of the International Space Station. A sickle-shaped symbol is emblazoned on the hull. Parascientist Erich von Däniken believes he knows the meaning of the sign from a millennia-old representation and predicts a god-shock to the world. An imam makes an equally disturbing statement, whereupon an Islamist terrorist group calls for the final battle against the infidels.

Russia and China want to explore the truck-sized UFO with a space mission, but US President Donald Trump wants to beat them to it. The crew of the once again airworthy space shuttle Atlantis shall not only explore the cigar-shaped flying machine, but bring it to earth in the cargo hold of the shuttle.

But as soon as the space shuttle is launched, events on earth and in space begin to take a dramatic turn: Atlantis disappears from the radar. Around the globe, huge metal spheres fall from the sky. State leaders panic. Military leaders lose their nerve. At the same time, astronomers make a tremendous discovery…