LOST GOD: About the book

This is how the story begins When a mysterious UFO appears outside the windows of the International Space Station, the world is thrown into turmoil. Russia and China plan to explore the orbiting object in space, while the U.S. is determined to bring it back to Earth in one of its old space shuttles. But no sooner is the vintage spaceship made airworthy again and launched than events come to a head. Shortly thereafter, humanity is confronted with an ancient extraterrestrial force and the extinction of all life on Earth. The richly detailed end-time thriller is not easy, light fare. The novel’s content and plot are based on an eerie experience the author had in Egypt and his subsequent research into ancient god myths, apocalyptic prophecies, and the controversial paleo-SETI theory. The narrative blends reportage, information, and the author’s provocative to dark fantasies into a broad-based story. Protagonists, plots and settings change at a rapid pace. It’s a wild ride that demands a lot from readers. LOST GOD has a semi-open ending. The English edition is set during the reign of US President Donald Trump. The content of the current edition differs in some details from previous editions from 2012 and 2017. The e-book was additionally equipped with some pictures and illustrations.
About the book Gregor Spörri, entrepreneur and amateur researcher, came across an eerie relic during a trip to Egypt in 1988. He was shocked and fascinated at the same time, because it was the mummified finger of a human-like giant, as they appear in ancient myths, legends and in the Bible. The pictures of it went around the world. Spörri began to investigate and made some startling discoveries, which he originally intended to publish in a non-fiction book. However, it was predictable that he would be threatened with a “beating” from the scientific community. Therefore he followed the advice of the well-known Dark Art artist and Alien creator H.R. Giger. He thought it would be better to process his findings, theses and fantasies in a fictional story like LOST GOD, because this would take him out of the line of fire of the guardians of truth. Until a few years ago, people who believed in the existence of UFOs and ETIs were ridiculed by science and the media, because cemented world views are difficult to change. At present, however, a change seems to be underway, as pilots, astronauts, high-ranking military officers and politicians, and even intelligence officers now dare to talk about UFOs or ETIs in public. The same is true of paleo-SETI researchers, who investigate the supposed presence of ETIs on Earth during prehistory and antiquity. With the discovery of more and more new habitable worlds in other solar systems, the realization is also gradually growing in the academic community that representatives of an extraterrestrial techno-civilization might have visited Earth in the distant past. Who deals with the human development history, will find out that the term propagated by Palaeoanthropologen does not function, because the anatomically modern humans including fully developed brain, as fossil finds from Morocco prove, already exist for 300,000 years. Surprisingly, however, the people of that time showed no desire to use their thinking apparatus. Instead, they limited themselves to making primitive tools and cave drawings. In addition, intellectual lull prevailed in their heads for whole 290,000 years. Then suddenly, as if following a higher command, they crawled out of their caves and began, virtually from one day to the next, to erect enormous temple buildings, pyramids and observatories, as well as to develop technical equipment – a paradox that experts cannot explain. Most researchers are therefore content with empty phrases such as: “Special cultural, social or climatic changes would have kindled the fire of creativity in man. What exactly they mean by this, they cannot say. And those scientists who understand that some kind of cognitive big bang must be responsible for the explosive surge in development have no idea what or who triggered this big bang. Virtually every people on Earth has its own creation mythology. Nevertheless, they all seem to go back to a common primordial event, because the traditions report almost unanimously of god beings who once descended from heaven to earth to create man and teach him all important things such as morality, agriculture, animal husbandry, the manufacture of tools, the basics of cosmology and much more. Is it therefore so far-fetched to believe that the astronaut gods could have triggered the aforementioned cognitive big bang in early humans by means of genetic modification, which made us what we are today? But in the creation mythologies and holy writings also apocalyptic prophecies appear again and again. And so, to this day, billions of God-fearing people hope for the return of their Savior and his heavenly hosts in anticipation of the Last Judgment. But how does this go together? What is the motivation of the culture-bringer beings to plunge the world into the abyss? LOST GOD unravels this and other mysteries.