LOST GOD: About the book

THIS IS HOW LOST GOD BEGINNS: The Corona pandemic has not yet been completely resolved, as a mysterious flying object appears in front of the windows of the International Space Station (ISS). A crescent-shaped sign is emblazoned on its hull. Parascientist Erich von Däniken believes that he knows the meaning of the sign from a millennia-old representation and prophesies a shock of the gods to the world. An imam makes an equally disturbing statement, prompting an Islamist terrorist group to call for the final fight against the infidels. Russia and China plan to explore the truck-sized UFO with a space mission, but US President Donald Trump is desperate to pre-empt them. The crew of the space shuttle Atlantis, which has once again been made airworthy, is even supposed to capture the cigar-shaped aircraft and bring it to earth in the cargo hold, so that it can be disassembled into its individual parts in the secret base Area 51. The Crew of Atlantis includes experienced shuttle commander Eileen Brooks, daring Navy aviator Tom Taylor, science journalist and lateral thinker Sally Brown, bubbly robotics specialist Carlos Navarro, and German rocket engineer Gunther Wolf, who seems to know more about the mysterious UFO than he is willing to admit. As soon as the space shuttle has taken off, however, the events on Earth and in space begin to turn dramatically: the Atlantis disappears from the radar. Around the globe, huge metal balls are falling from the sky. State leaders panic. Military people are losing their nerve. At the same time, astronomers are making a tremendous discovery …

LOST GOD is an apocalyptic sci-fi mystery thriller about the prophesied return of the celestial powers. The story is based on ancient myths of the gods and legends, the Paleo-SETI thesis, as well as an eerie experience of the author in Egypt.
Gripping, no-frills storytelling style and analytical reporting alternate at a rapid pace with numerous locations around the world and beyond. Those who get involved in this special book will experience exciting reading hours full of adventure, action, drama, as well as some nightmarish moments.