LOST GOD: Reviews

Lorenz Killer reviews LOST GOD.

Lorenz Killer CH: Actor, Model, Speaker

The cover of Gregor Spörri's 300-page book gives the interested reader an idea only in the beginning which secrets are given in this fictional apocalypse prize. Just out – it is not for tender-stringed minds or romantically transfigured souls who want to follow the old world view of religion and history. Here, concentrated knowledge, away from the mainstream media, is bound with a fictional future story to a gloomy end-time mood-reading work. A reading material that has it all and overshadows Emmerich's "Independent Day" as a gentle bed reading. Link to the unabridged review

Leif Inselmann reviews LOST GOD

Leif Inselmann DE: Archaeology student, science author

Gregor Spörri has succeeded with "Lost God" a remarkably exciting as well as unconventional sci-fi thriller. The ever-changing perspectives create a rapid narrative pace. Nevertheless, there is still room for a lot of insidious information. Thus, the author combines almost trashy science fiction with thoughtful technical considerations, adaptations of border-scientific theses, own experiences and partly satirical criticism of our current social conditions. Somehow, everything results in a round whole, which pulls the reader along to the dramatic end. Link to the unabridged review

Sandro Stalber reviews LOST GOD.

Sandro Stalder OE: Ski & Diving Instructor

Author Gregor Spörri can take it with "Master of Disaster" Roland Emmerich. From page 104, hell breaks loose on earth and in space. One disaster chases the next. The "divine superpower" knows no mercy. Violent scenes arise in the head. And yet there is a striking difference to Emmerich. While his stories and characters often come flat and dribble with pathos, "Lost God" turns out to be a profound end-time thriller with intelligent storylines, characters and dialogues. I hope this fantastic story will soon find its way to the big screen.

Peter Hoeft reviews LOST GOD

Peter Hoeft DE: author, publicist

What if the heavenly beings revered and feared as gods all over the world millennia ago were once again haunting the earth, as the advocates of the Paleo-SETI thesis can imagine? How would humanity behave? Would there be another shock of the gods? How, for example, would the US President or the Pope react? An exciting question. What makes me special is the special appeal of this truly apocalyptic science fiction thriller: LOST GOD is a real page turner, which I could hardly put out of my hand, so much the plot written in the style of a reportage captivated me.

Floyd Varesi reviews LOST GOD

Floyd Varesi CH: Tattoo Artist

A mystery thriller that predicts the end of the world in the near future. "Lost God" is about the return of the biblical gods from the point of view of pre-astronautism. But the book offers even more: a tangible spacecraft adventure, a dark vision of Islamist terror, etc. Reading was a lot of fun for me, because I love stories peppered with surprises and shortcuts. Exciting is also the beginning of the book, where the author tells of his incredible discovery in Egypt and then cleverly links this real part with the fictional part of the story, which has burrowed deep into my consciousness like an apocalyptic purgatory.

Peter Slesaczeck reviews LOST GOD

Peter Slesaczeck DE: Geologist

As a follower and advocate of extraterrestrial intervention on earth, I have long been involved in this topic thanks to Erich von Däniken and Mysteries. I couldn't get this mystery SF thriller out of my hand. Clever was built up with reliable facts, thorough research and a lot of basic knowledge throughout. Gregor Spörni's logical conclusions - the result of fact-finding and literary freedom, of realities on earth and of fiction - inevitably lead to this conclusion. I never dared to think so far! A great book that challenges you to get more involved in this topic!

Pascal Brun reviews LOST GOD

Pascal Brun CH: Visual Designer

Updated to current events, the new 'LOST GOD' again offers a lot of thrills and shines with critical philosophical statements and well-researched, if extremely daring, theories about the existence of a higher being called Ha-Sheh Ha-Mephorasch and his creation: man. In the current work, the author manages to increase the dramaturgy once again and to make the end so exciting that one automatically wants a sequel.

Klemens Niklaus Trenkle reviews LOST GOD

Klemens Niklaus Trenkle CH: filmmaker, actor

Gregor Spörri's EndtimeOpus 'LOST GOD - The Last Judgment' reads almost like a script for a terrifying, apocalyptic blockbuster. The story is extremely interesting, rich in details, quite demanding for this genre and above all exciting to the end. The figures touch you and act authentically. Inconvenient truths are ruthlessly exposed. The different storylines create great images in your head when reading. A fantastic fabric that is ideal for filming.

Julian von Heyl reviews LOST GOD

Julian von Heyl DE: Editor of Lost God

A really exciting read – Lost God impressed me. In a playful way, biblical narratives and myths are combined into an imaginative chronicle of the end of the world. On the side of the facts, you have to swallow a lot; on the other hand, I was often amused at how exactly the questions I asked myself while reading were answered a little later. The end, which remains with an open insinuation, which nevertheless adds a conciliatory touch to the generally gloomy work, is captivating.

Thorsten Hoth reviews LOST GOD

Thorsten Hoth EN: Lecturer, Actor, Screenwriter

In 1988 Gregor Spörri saw a mysterious relic in Egypt. Since then, he has returned to the land of the pharaohs for research. As a hobby researcher, he is ridiculed in academic circles, so he decides to process his findings in a novel. Spörri skilfully mixes his ideas and fantasies with established knowledge and topics of current events. 'LOST GOD' is a thriller that is perfect for the big screen. I am happy to write the Skipt for the novel together with the author.

Luc Bürgin reviews LOST GOD

Luc Bürgin CH: journalist, author

What does an Arab crescent have to look for on a UFO? And what has Erich von Däniken lost in US President Donald Trump's office? Optimists should leave their hands off this book. Because the author Gregor Spörri mercilessly holds the mirror in front of us "Great Apes". 'LOST GOD' as futuristic as it is realistic mystery thriller that robs the stars of their romantic splendour.

Katja Arnold reviews LOST GOD

Katja Arnold OE: Interior Designer

The apocalypse is still at the heart of the new edition. Spörri took the reviews for the first edition (2012) seriously and gave his work a thorough lift in terms of content and language. The new 'LOST GOD' delves deeper into the paleo SETI thesis and provides interesting speculation about the ominous Greys. Due to the appearance of real characters, the novel, which is very close to current events, gains additional authenticity. Spörri has also given the main characters much more space and depth. The abrupt end (2012) was spun on and extended by some exciting aspects.

Kai Lüftner reviews LOST GOD

Kai Lüftner DE: author, musician, director, producer

'LOST GOD' is an opulent, cinematic, American-inspired adventure docu-fiction. Great! Frank Schätzing and David Baldacci send greetings.

Marc Peschke reviews LOST GOD

Marc Peschke EN: Art historian, copywriter, photo artist

'LOST GOD' is a book that you don't want to put out of your hands anymore. Gregor Spörri's work is dark and captivating. The fascinating ending is simply magnificent. The reader believes the author that this dark distressing story could happen at any time.

Verena Wolf reviews LOST GOD

Verena Wolf DE: Marketing Manager

A mystery end-time novel without kitsch and icing. 'LOST GOD' is a relentless adventure that never gets bored. Reading, you can feel the author's heartandily in his story, which remains true to the subtitle "The Last Judgment" until the last page.

Roberto Cancellara reviews LOST GOD

Roberto Cancellara CH: Filmmaker

A Swiss writer who can compete with international authors. When I read 'LOST GOD', the film played out in my head. Gregor Spörri knows how to tell his carefully researched story in a very strong visual language. The topics are highly topical and meet today's zeitgeist.

Michael Bruttel reviews LOST GOD

Michael Bruttel DE: Physicist, space expert

From carefully researched facts, the author Gregor Spörri develops a frightening story with a fluid transition from current reality to science fiction. Despite dramatic, sometimes apocalyptic descriptions, there is no lack of well-dosed dark humour and bitter irony. 'LOST GOD' is gripping and exciting to the last line!

Gisela Ermel reviews LOST GOD

Gisela Ermel DE: Paleo SETI researcher

Is the Bible right in its assertion that the heavenly sons (angels) once got involved with human daughters? Will the gods return one day? Author Gregor Spörri has intensively dealt with the Paleo-SETI thesis due to his experiences in Egypt. The result is a captivating mystery thriller that picks up on the thesis and continues to spin. You devour 'LOST GOD' from the first to the last page.

Olivier Joliat reviews LOST GOD

Olivier Joliat CH: journalist, musician

At the beginning of the story is a mysterious relic, which the author saw during a trip to Egypt in 1988. Overwhelmed by the impressions, he develops an oppressive, dark story. 'LOST GOD' is an exciting mystery thriller about a critical spirit.

Jürgen Mai reviews LOST GOD

Jürgen Mai DE: Director, Actor, Author

'LOST GOD' is an intelligent work. The author accomplishes the feat of keeping the reader reading with emotional tension and a web of cliffhangers and gripping situations until the end. Gregor Spörri creates a mix of fiction and revealing contemporary drama. More than once, he demands from his readers to think in completely new dimensions.

Rainer Tautenhahn reviews LOST GOD

Rainer Tautenhahn EN: Modern Art Artist

'LOST GOD' is an enormously captivating, multifaceted science fiction novel that goes far beyond fiction, providing exciting insights and theories on explosive topics that we will sooner or later have to deal with, whether we like it or not.

Roland Kistner reviews LOST GOD

Roland Kistner DE: Artist

A monstrous mummy part scratches our healing world. The author tells a thrilling story in an unimponetosing way. 'LOST GOD is relentless reality ceded with fiction, spiced with a latently lurking gloomy message in the background.

Robert Schmid reviews LOST GOD

Robert Schmid CH: crime writer

'LOST GOD' is a mystery thriller of relentless authenticity, whose captivating storylines are heading for a truly gigantic finale. While the author exposes the world to a fictitious threat, he introduces the reader side by side to his monstrous discovery made in Egypt. The moment he unravel the mystery surrounding the relic of Bir Hooker will make some wonder whether his previous worldview is still valid.