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Whoever deals with the history of human development will sooner or later realize that the term propagated by paleoanthropologists so far simply does not work, because the anatomically modern human being including a fully developed cerebrum, as fossil finds from Morocco prove, has already existed for 300,000 years. Surprisingly, however, people at that time showed no desire to use their thinking apparatus. Instead, they confined themselves to making a few primitive tools and cave drawings. Moreover, their minds were in intellectual doldrums for a full 290,000 years. Then suddenly, as if following a higher command, they crawled out of their caves and began, virtually from one day to the next, to erect massive temple buildings, pyramids and observatories, as well as to develop technical equipment – a paradox for which scientists have no plausible explanation. Most of them are therefore content in their argumentation with contentless phrases like: Special cultural, social or climatic conditions would have kindled the fire of creativity in humans. At least some of them are now prepared to admit that a kind of cognitive big bang must have been responsible for the explosive surge in development. What or who triggered this big bang, however, they cannot explain.”

Virtually every people has its own creation mythology. Nevertheless, all these myths seem to go back to a common primordial event, as they unanimously tell of gods who once descended from heaven to earth to create man and instruct him in all important matters such as morality, agriculture, animal husbandry, the manufacture of tools, and so on. One could also say that the gods provided an evolutionary thrust or the cognitive big bang in the dim-witted early humans by means of hereditary modification, which made us what we are today.
The traditions about gods, fallen angels, biblical giants etc., recorded in religious writings, myths, sagas and legends, are dismissed by enlightened people as fantasy. It is interesting that quite a few of them, among them also highly endowed scientists, declare to be religious themselves and to pray regularly to their God. Even evolutionary biologists now and then out themselves as deeply religious people. This is a bit strange, because their belief in God is based on the same traditions, which they ridicule as fantasy.

Reports about giants
The following publication neither claims to be complete nor to be verifiably scientific. It merely serves to provide a first rough overview.

The first plaque of the Babylonian heroic epic from the clay tablet library ‘Assurbanipals’, which was created around 1200 BC from Sumerian and Akkadian traditions from the 3rd millennium BC, reports on Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk among others: Eleven ellen long was his growth, the width of his chest measured nine spans. Two parts are God in him and a third part is man (…) This 2/3 God seemed invincible. No wonder, because depending on which elbow measure is used for a conversion, Gilgamessch has an almost unbelievable size of up to six meters.

In the ‘Scofield Bible’, Genesis 6:1-4, it is said that in those days the giants (also called Nephilim) were on the earth, and also after that, when the sons of God went in to the daughters of men and they behaved to them children.

The Ethiopian ‘Enoch Book’ also tells of angels (200 in number) from chapter 6, who descended from heaven to the earth to produce offspring from which giants emerged with human wives. It was not the sins of men, but the fallen angels and their bastards that were the main reason for the Flood triggered by God.

In the ‘Torah’, Numeri 13,32-33 the scouts tell Moses after their return from the land of Canaan: All the people we’ve seen in it (in Canaan) are of great stature. We’ve also seen giants there. Children of Anak of the giant family. We felt like locusts against them and we had to feel like that to them.

In the ‘Luther Bible’, Genesis 3:11 we read about an Amorite king: Only King Og of Bashan was left of the giants. Behold, his iron bed (…) is nine elbows long and four elbows wide after a man’s elbow.
An ancient Egyptian royal is equivalent to 0.524 meters, which must have made Ogs Bettstatt a stately 4.88 meters long.

Flavius Josephus, a Roman-Jewish historian from the 1st century AD, wrote in his work ‘Altertümer, as well as War of the Jews, Life and Other Works’, Volume 2, Chapter 2, paragraph 3: They took the city (Hebron) by force, and strangled everyone in it. There were giants left that were much bigger and different than humans. They were horrible to look at. Their bones are still shown today, and those who have not seen them with their own eyes cannot believe that they have been so enormously large (…)

Pausanias, an ancient historian, reports in the 2nd century AD of a discovery of five-metre-large humanoid skeletons in present-day Syria.

The Great Chronicle of Taiping tells of an envoy of Emperor Tang Xuanzong, who had been sent to an unknown coast by a storm on the high seas. There he and numerous other shipwrecked people are said to have been received by giants measuring six metres or more.

In Greek mythology, titans are considered to be the oldest Greek gods. The Giants (Giants) are mixed beings of humans, snakes. They are considered opponents of the Olympic gods.

In Germanic mythology there are numerous giant gods. They are said to have lived in Riesenheim, which in Old Germanic languages is called Jötunheimr or Utgard and can be translated as an outside world.

Norse mythology tells of Odin as the supreme god and creator of the world and the Ases, the main gods of the Nordic Pantheon. The Ases created the people and actively intervened in their destiny. The ases were assisted by the wanen (natural gods). Both fought against the forces of evil, the generation of giants, who were concerned with the destruction of the world and the gods.

An ancient legend about the huge and enigmatic pyramid complex of Puma Punku (Bolivia) says: The complex was built one night by a people of giants after a gigantic flood destroyed the entire area.

Among the Indians, giants are considered to be the original humans. In the 19th century, David Cusick wrote down the legends of his tribe. In it, the Ronnongwetowanca people are reported to have been giants. About 1000 BC, cusick’s tribe, the Tuscarora, and the Ronnongwetowanca had come to fight. The Tuscarora prevailed, and there were no more giants.

The Cherokee report giants that were twice the size of themselves. In addition, according to their legends, there is a secret place with a sculpture built for Tsul’kalu – a great hunter among the giants.

On the granite walls in the Havasu Canyon of the Grand Canyon there is an enigmatic charring drawing, which shows a giant fighting with a mammoth. The representation is covered by an iron layer, which suggests an old age.

The skeleton of a giant was found at a hotel construction site in Chesterville, Ohio, in 1829. After extensive research, it was noted that although the skeleton was anatomically the opposite of that of a modern human, it had more teeth. After the skeleton was sent to Mansfield for further examination, its trace is lost.

In Lompoc Rancho, California, soldiers came across the skeleton of a giant, which is said to be nearly four metres tall during his lifetime, while excavating a pit for a powder magazine. Next to the strange creature, which was supposedly equipped with double rows of teeth, lay a huge stone axe as well as stones and shells, on which indecipherable signs were carved. After local Indians learned of the giant’s discovery, they stole and burned his bones.

In Kansas City, Missouri, a huge skull was reportedly found in a hill in 1877. The strange creature is said to have been a good seven metres in size during his lifetime.

In Eureka, Nevada, surveyors came across a bone of a powerful humanoid being in a rock in 1877. Doctors who examined the fossilization said the creature must have been about four metres tall. The rock in which the bone was discovered was later estimated to be 185 million years old.

In Crittenden, Arizona, construction workers came across a huge stone coffin in 1891 while excavating a pit for the foundation of an office building. It contained mummified remains of a humanoid giant with a height of at least four meters. His bones had disintegrated, but drawings on the coffin depicted the giant.

Huge skeletons were discovered in an Indian tomb on a farm in Jackson, Ohio, in 1897. The finds were handed over to the Eastern Institute, whereupon they disappeared without a trace.

In 1909, the prehistoric skeleton of a humanoid giant, believed to be over 4.5 metres tall, was excavated in Iztapalapa, Mexico.

In the Grand Canyon in the US state of Arizona, the bodies of two humanoid giants over five meters in size were discovered in 1923.

In 1926, miners found giant humanoid cheek teeth in a tunnel at a coal mine in the US state of Montana. To the great surprise of archaeologists and anthropologists, the teeth were stuck in a layer of rock that is at least 30 million years old.

In 1931, several skeletons of humanoid giants were found in the Humboldt lake bed near Lovelock in the US state of Nevada.

In Italy, the complete humanoid skeleton of a giant surrounded by an 11 million-year-old layer of coal was found in 1958.

In 1958, a western, 3.3-meter-tall human corpse was found by gardeners in a vineyard in West Virginia. The find was described as a forgery after a newspaper reported three bullets found in the skull. The bullets were not described in detail. It is also not known what happened to the remains.

In 1968, a giant skeleton of a Neanderthal-like creature was excavated in the US state of Minnesota. However, a planned radiocarbon dating could not be carried out because the skeleton disappeared without a trace on the way to the examination.

In Bir Hooker (Egypt), an old grave robber kept the chopped finger of a humanoid giant for several decades. It was an heirloom of his grandfather. The Swiss entrepreneur and hobby researcher Gregor Spörri was allowed to photograph the 38 centimetre long finger in 1988. After a resettlement operation in the 90s in the area of Bir Hooker, the trace of the relic and its owner is lost.

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