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H.R. Giger: Zodiac Taurus 

This rare original lithograph from the zodiac series is one of the last paintings created by H.R. Giger.
Motif: Taurus / Limited edition: No. 150 of 290 / Hand-signed 1992
Five-colour zinc plate lithograph on heavy, acid-free paper / Size: 70 x 100 centimetres / Framed.
Retail price: CHF 1’500.00

H.R. Giger Art: Paintings
Giger created his first paintings from 1966 onwards, most of them in oil. After the artist discovered the airbrush technique in 1972, this soon became his favourite way of painting. Over the next 20 years, he created around 600 paintings with ink and acrylic colours. At the beginning of the 1990s, Giger gave up painting to devote himself to sculpture.

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This 1:1 life mask of Arnold Schwarzenegger with T-800 applications is an absolute collector’s rarity in an edition of only 100 pieces worldwide. The 3D wall relief has a steel mounting plate as well as spacers and a U-profile for secure hanging. Width: 20 centimetres. Height: 35 centimetres. Depth: 13.5 centimetres. Weight: 6.2 kg.
Retail price CHF 650.00

Life masks are facial impressions of people in plaster or a similar material. They are also known as life masks or original relief masks. During the development of film productions in Hollywood in the 1920s, actors began to make such face casts. This allowed the make-up artists to test out plastic changes to the face at their leisure and saved the actors hours of make-up sessions. During the moulding process, a negative mould was created first, from which the faces for the make-up artists were obtained. After production, the negative went into the studio archive. This method of moulding faces developed into a tradition in Hollywood, which today provides us with collector’s items that are as unique as they are valuable.