GREGOR SPÖRRI: Mystery research

In the spring of 1988 Gregor Spörri travels to Egypt for the first time. On his to-do list are wreck diving, a visit to the most famous ancient sites in the country, an overnight stay in the pyramid of Cheops, and their ascent. Through his projects he gets to know Nagib in rural Bir Hooker. The old man, who comes from a family of grave robbers, knows many old stories about the legendary Great Pyramid. At the end of the meeting, the local gives the Swiss a glimpse of his family treasure, which includes the chopped and mummified finger of a humanoid giant/nephilim, as found in ancient legends, myths and the Bible. Spörri is even allowed to photograph the grisly relic. The pictures go around the world.

Spörri can’t let go of what he has experienced. The urge for research in him is awakened. What he finds out in his research on the human-like monsters can be found on you on the following pages.

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In 2012/2017 Gregor Spörri publishes an SF mystery thriller on the topic: Gods, Angels and Giants.
LOST GOD: The Last Judgment