Gregor Spörri travels to Egypt in the spring of 1988. On his to-do list: Wreck diving in the Red Sea, visiting ancient sites and museums, an overnight stay in the Pyramid of Cheops and climbing it for the purpose of a daring physics experiment.
Spörri’s activities in and on the Great Pyramid do not go unnoticed. They lead him to Bir Hooker, where he meets the scion of a family of grave robbers. At the end of the meeting, which was based on a misunderstanding, the old Arab gives the Swiss a glimpse of his family treasure, which includes a gruesome relic. It is a 38-centimeter-long mummified finger of an apparently humanoid giant, as they appear in ancient legends, myths and the Bible. The experience challenges Spörri’s world view and awakens the researcher in him. You can find out what he discovers in his search for clues about the mysterious monsters on the following pages.

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