About the author

Gregor Spörri was born in Basel in 1955. After school, vocational training and military service, he founded his own company in 1978: Z-Productions, which he still runs today.
In 1988, Spörri traveled to Egypt to dive for wrecks and gather inspiration for a club interior in pharaonic style. However, the 33-year-old discotheque outfitter and adventurer has something completely different in mind: He wants to spend a night alone in the Pyramid of Cheops and also climb it for a daring physics experiment.
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Spörri’s pyramid adventure takes him on a detour to a small farming village called Bir Hooker, where he meets a local antiques dealer. At the end of the meeting, the elderly Arab allows the Swiss to take a look at his family treasure, which includes a gruesome-looking relic. It is a 38 centimeter long, mummified finger of an apparently humanoid giant, as described in ancient legends, myths of the gods and in the Bible. The pictures of this go around the world and still cause controversy today.
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The experience shakes Spörri’s world view, but at the same time awakens the amateur researcher in him. His research into the biblical giants ultimately led him to the controversial theory of paleo-SETI (pre-astronautics) and its most prominent representative, Erich von Däniken.
Together with him, he goes in search of the ancient astronaut gods in Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. In the end, his investigations lead the Swiss to the remotest Chinese hinterland.
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From adventurer and explorer to novelist

An acquaintance of Gregor Spörri, the creator of the legendary film monster (Alien), is fascinated by his Egyptian experiences and ideas. H.R. Giger advises him to turn his material and ideas into a novel or screenplay. Spörri accepts the challenge.

About the author
In order to describe the space travel scenes in his novel (Edition 2012) as realistically as possible, Spörri conducts extra research at the Kennedy Space Center , where he follows the last launch of the space shuttle Endeavour at close range. He also studies numerous books and writings.
For the space scenes in the revised edition of 2024, he also pays a visit to SpaceX.

Four editions of Gregor Spörri’s story have been published to date

1995: The Iron World (short story in booklet form (partly illustrated from 1995 to 2006).
2012: The Lost God: Day of Damnation (hardcover from 2012 to 2016).
2017: Lost God: Day of Judgement (paperback & e-book from 2017 to 2023).
2024: Lost God: Day of Judgment (paperback & illustrated e-book from 2024 to today).