About the movie

Gregor Spörri travels to Egypt in 1988. During his adventurous stay, he comes across the chopped-off finger of an apparently human-like giant, as described in ancient legends and legends of the gods. The then 33-year-old was both shocked and fascinated by the mummified monster claw. In the decades that followed, he began to carry out worldwide research into the “biblical” Giants.
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Gregor Spörri would like to publish his research findings on the “biblical” giants as a non-fiction book, but too many questions remain unanswered for a serious publication. That’s why he doesn’t do it.
However, H.R. Giger is fascinated by Spörri’s experiences and ideas. The creator of the legendary movie monster: Alien, advises him to work his material and ideas into a novel or screenplay. Spörri accepts the challenge. Four versions of his story were published from 1995 onwards.
Current Edition 2024: Lost God: The Last Judgement (available as paperback & illustrated e-book).

Over the years, the author has repeatedly received reviews of LOST GOD and emails from readers asking him to bring his story to the big screen. The author struggles with the idea because his novel contains scenes that are very difficult to film. Nevertheless, sketches, illustrations, models, a first version of the script and test recordings for a teaser are created over time.